Strong and feminine – these are the pillars of Olympia Activewear. Designed with the active body in mind, Olympia's approach to fitness-wear is modern and refined. The Olympia aesthetic is rooted in sport and style with a focus on clean lined silhouettes and a neutral palette. Each collection focuses on premium sportswear styles featuring Olympia's signature custom elastics, versatile cotton basics, and silk lounge pieces.


Growing up on the island of Maui, Olympia founder and designer, Kaili Lickle, spent most of her time outdoors. When she moved to San Francisco to pursue her bachelors degree in design and visual merchandising, she found herself spending more time indoors at exercise studios. She noticed her athletic wardrobe was missing pieces that were functional in her workouts and simple in their design. After graduating, Kaili decided to combine her knowledge of design with her passion to live an active lifestyle in creating OLYMPIA.


The name OLYMPIA represents strength and femininity. One of the great displays of women's strength pre-dates the Olympic games, to the Heraia, competitions held in honor of the goddess Hera. Sixteen women from various districts of ancient Greece came together every 4 years to compete in the stadium at Olympia. The victorious were celebrated with green olive leaf crowns and their likeness immortalized in stone. Thousands of years later these sixteen women of ancient Greece are still an inspiration.