The work of Hawaii / Thailand based photographer, Samantha Feyen, has the ability to transport you.  Thumbing through mind numbing insta posts suddenly you land on a white sand beach under the shade of a palm frond and you can almost taste the salt in the air.  That's our kind of photo.  The breath-of-fresh-air kind of photo.  Surreal. Soft. Daydreamy.  We love Sam's style.  So when she wrote to say she would be shooting in Maui, naturally we got excited, sent her some looks, and of course had to ask a couple Qs.
    What got you interested in photography?
    To be honest I can’t give you a sappy story about my humble beginnings. My whole career was a total mistake of passion, I originally made jewelry and needed to take pictures of my jewelry on models and from then I just continued taking pictures of everything else. When I was younger I did have a profound love for disposable cameras so I at least had some idea of what I was expecting. 
    How would you describe your style? 
    Oh man, this is hard. If I had to choose three words probably; raw, beauty, evolving. Evolving because my style is never the same from week to week.
    As a creative, what drives you and keeps you inspired to create new content?
    Being surrounded by amazingly creative people with new innovative ideas keeps me inspired everyday. I am so extremely lucky to have friends in the industry who not only push my boundaries with my photographs but as a person in the creative community in general. I’ve never met anyone here that wasn’t so darn creative! 
    What kind of exciting projects do you have coming up?
    Luckily I have a lot of projects to keep me super busy! I am co-directing the San Lorenzo Bikini Fashion Show, which will be a ton of fun and full of beautiful babes! I also will be helping direct the The 50th Annual UH Manoa Fashion show: Roots. This will be one of the biggest show we’ll ever put on! Shoot wise I have a project with AWATTZ coming up for their summer line, Rove Swim Wears upcoming collections which I might fly to Bali for *crosses fingers*, My shoot with Love Me Knots jewelry, and just a long list of more creative people who I get the chance to work with!
    What is your dream shoot location?
    Back home in Thailand. Chiang Mai preferably in the magical temples with rad people!
    Samantha Feyen for OLYMPIA ACTIVEWEAR. La Perouse, Maui
    model:  Anna @haoleprincess

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