Good Morning!  I have a recipe that is so simple, delicious, and healthy that I feel the need to share... BANANA PANCAKES.  

    The ingredients:  banana + egg

    The ratio for this recipe is one-to-one for each serving. My boyfriend loves these pancakes so much that I have to make an additional serving (3+3).  


    3 eggs

    3 bananas (I dont like them over-ripe, which can be too sweet)


    Peel bananas and put in blender, crack eggs over bananas.  Blend until smooth.  It should look just like traditional pancake batter.  Preheat your pan on medium-low heat (the key is not to burn your pancakes, so let the pan heat gradually).  I use real butter to grease the pan before laying down the batter - it just tastes better!  Then pour 3 smallish pancakes into a large pan. After several minutes, when the bottom is nicely browned, give 'em a flip!  A pancake griddle is also awesome because you can do all the batter at once.

    Serve with berries/whip/yogurt/real maple syrup, and have a delicious Sunday morning!

    xx, Kaili

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